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velocity editing creates more notes in PRV?

Daniel Hoy

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Hi all, I've had this problem for a decade and am now trying to finally work it out but so far with no success.  I use good ol' sonar 7 producer edition. I have Session Drummer inserted as a synth. I lay down a pattern and then go to edit the velocities using the PRV draw tool and just sweep across the velocity bars and I get a nice useful variation in the velocities. What I have noticed is that sometimes it will add extra notes as if I am using the pattern brush to create a pattern. These are extraneous notes that I do not want in the song. Additional oddity: I cannot undo the added notes. For some reason when I hit the 'undo' button sonar will not remove the extraneous notes that have been unintentionally added.  So, two problems 1) the velocity editing procedure adds unwanted notes and 2) I can't get rid of the notes once they are added unless I manually go in and erase them.

Much obliged.



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But I’m so happy with it. It’s been a lovely, easy tool, captures what I want and has no problems. Just this goofy velocity issue, which actually isn’t that much of a problem since it’s just a click track for the live drummer to work with. But it’s the last “bug” I have in this otherwise very pleasant system. 

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