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Izotope Music Production Suite Pro


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Their FAQ states that if you cancel the subscription the products stop working at the end of your billing cycle, so unfortunately it's not a last-version thing.

Ran a search, someone at vi-control contacted support and they said there are no plans to discontinue perpetual licenses, and if that changes they'll "proactively communicate." Probably a good sign, although I don't think it's the proactiveness of the communication users are worried about. I hope it's allowed to cross-link forums: it's post 77 here

@Fret Flintstone I agree that "which" makes that an ambiguous mail. It could mean:

"Ozone Pro is our latest version of Ozone. Ozone Pro is now available exclusively in MPSP subscription", or

"Ozone Pro is our latest version of Ozone. Ozone is now available exclusively in MPSP subscription"

I think it reads like the second, but they mean the first.


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