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Pfundstein HEY Shouts


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If you’re into rock and metal, this is maybe just a fancy, small addition to your plugin collection: HEY!shouts.

This mini-plugin has just one job: delivering you quality “Hey” shouts out of the box. And it does it’s job good. Simply ***** up your songs by using the shouts at the right position of your song.

More information about this gimmick can be found here. Please also check out the video trailer: 

1.99 Euros



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2 hours ago, Nikolas Neuenkamp said:

Indie Voices is good but maybe you need more powerful heys.

Should it be freeware? Well, some people have to pay bills and even if this is just a very small plugin, I'm sure it was work to record the shouts and to bring it into VST... so I'm ok with that little price here

I'm with you. It's dirt cheap so why not grab both if it's useful.

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