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Guillermo Diaz

How i can repot a bug with Carbon Electra??

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Hi,  recently i bougth Carbon Electra, a synth from Plugin Boutique.

I have an issue, when play and record some midi data, and play the file, sounds good, but when i close the proyect and reopen the same, the audio changes, but the midi data no.

Here is what Plugin Boutique support answer:


Hi Guillermo,

I hope you are well and many thanks for your patience.

I have received the below information from the Carbon Electra developer regarding the issue that you are currently experiencing with the software...

"Hi Thomas,

Cakewalk has a bug with its internal state where it provides the incorrect sample rate to the plug-in when the plug-in requests the current sample rate after processing has resumed.


DAW host loads project or new plug-in instance,

DAW host communicates sample rate to the plug-in correctly.


Host informs the plug-in that processing has begun,

The plug-in requests the current sample rate,

The host responds with an incorrect sample rate.

The customer should report this to support their DAW host.



I hope this helps and let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


Anyone can help me?  Thanks!!! and take care ourselves!!

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