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Craig Anderton

Article: How to Use Cakewalk with NI Komplete Kontrol

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There's a new tutorial on craiganderton.org - How to Use Cakewalk with Komplete Kontrol. In theory, Cakewalk doesn’t officially integrate with Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards—but in practice, there are ways to make this happen by using ACT. And, even though Komplete keyboards’ documentation says it works as a general-purpose MIDI control surface only when operating in stand-alone mode with the 5-pin DIN connections, there’s a workaround for that, too.

It's kind of a long article, but if you want to use the Komplete keyboards with Cakewalk, I'm pretty sure you'll find the  answers you need. Just note that you really have to follow the steps carefully, if you miss a step things won't work.

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