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PRV getting slow when displaying pitch bends

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I'm curious to see if there is a fix for a problem I'm having with Cakewalk (latest v - but probably not related).

I'm recording my performance via Jamorigin MG2 midi converter and the playback is done with an Amplesound vst2 instrument. I have the default (2) pitch bend  activated in the MG2 plugin and a fair amount of data is being recorded (tremolos, bends etc). When I go into the PRV to edit notes and velocities, everything runs smoothly, but as soon as I switch to display the pitch bend data, everything runs slow, like moving notes, drawing/correcting pitch bend. I mean slow!!

Anything to check or try  ? Is it fixable ? Thanks!


Note: I use Amplesound vst2 because I get a plugin crash with the vst3 version with too much pitch bends.

I have a PC i7 with 16gig ram. It is a fairly small session.

Overall performance 10%

Engine load 15-20%

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