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Enable looping when playing Arranger track


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The Arranger Tracks feature is a very welcome feature in CWBB. It works really well to try out how a piece sounds in different arrangements with zero editing. As part of this activity, it's often necessary to play an arrangement over and over, so as to get a feel for it before doing the same with other arrangements. Hence it would be useful to be able to loop the whole piece. Currently though, if you turn on looping, CWBB turns it off when you play an arrangement, and does not allow it to be turned back on while an arrangement is playing.

I saw a couple of earlier posts asking for this, but they are not in the Feedback forum and not tagged as feature requests, so may not have come to the attention of those looking out for enhancements to implement in the product. The only suggestion to date has been that the OP should edit their tracks, using copy/paste etc to achieve the desired arrangement, but obviously that defeats the main point of the Arrangeer Tracks feature which is to be able to do all this quickly and non-destructively.

As a side note, I don't think looping of individual parts of an arrangement would be worth implementing, since we can already achieve that by dragging in the required number of instances of the section. (EDIT: actually thinking further, I could be wrong on that, and it could also be very useful to loop just a couple of sections or so, to get the feel for how the sections run together when arranged like that. ) But the ability to loop the whole arrangement would be very useful.

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