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Great Compressor Instruction Video from Kush


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Good Video! Funnily enough I was explaining something similar to someone the other day by explaining that a song at 120BPM has a beat every 500ms (obviously faster for higher BPM's and slower for slower BPM's or half time beats).

So you want to take that into account when looking at the combined attack time and release time,  if you want the compressor to swing with the beat.

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Wow. I almost blew this off, thinking it would be some beginner tutorial that ended with "...and in conclusion, buy UBK-1 if you wanna sound like {insert famous producer}".

I wasn't prepared to hear a master presenter delivering clear, solid information. He could even give Dan Worrall a few pointers. And there's a level of honesty and confidence there when he basically shows you how you could totally f*ck up a mix using his compressors.  Dan never does that.

"Groove Management". This phrase should become part of everyone's lexicon.

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