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EastWest Play 6 now free!


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When Play update was listed this morning Play was not free, now it appears that it is!
Use the EastWest Installation Center to acquire.

From webpage:
Software Updates

All users should update to the latest PLAY software. PLAY installers do not need a previous version of PLAY already installed.

EastWest urges users to consider the timing of updates. If you are in the middle of a project, it may be prudent to wait until the project is complete.

PLAY 6.1.0

PLAY 6.1.0 upgrade is for Mac users running OS X 10.7 or higher, and for Windows users running 7 and above.

PLAY 6.1.0 is now available for free to all EastWest customers. If you are a current PLAY 6 user please use the Installation Center to get your update.


  • If you are using a Mac and get an "unidentified developer" message when clicking on the "Play Installer 6.1.0.pkg" icon, right-click or control-click on the icon instead and proceed.

IMPORTANT! For Voices of Opera, Voices of Soul, Spaces II, Voices of the Empire and Hollywood Choirs users, PLAY should be updated first and then product instruments should be updated after

What's fixed and added in PLAY Software Update 6.1.0?

  • PLAY 6 is now free and runs without license
  • The installation window now supports dark mode on OS Mojave (graphic issue)
  • An issue with cut up notes through unneeded midi cc data is fixed
  • MND and database updated


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Just a heads up in case anyone else has this.... I had a few problems with Play 6 crashing when loading samples in Hollywood Orchestra after updating to Play 6. It also reported a couple of corrupt samples. So I tried "Update Instruments" and when that didn't work "Download and Reinstall" in EW Installation Center.  Still crashing and reporting corrupt samples. 

So I finally deleted the samples folder to force  EW Installation Center re-download the samples and it has been fine since then.

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I've so far been shying away from ilok libraries, but have lately found myself thinking a few Eastwest products look quite interesting. Could someone explain to me what happens if I opt for a machine-based license, and forget to deactivate it before formatting my computer or something else drastic? Do I lose my license forever (that seems to be the response for losing an ilok dongle)?

Also, is PACE in any way intrusive towards system/network resources?

Thanks in advance

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Soft iLok failures (you format the hard drive, lose the computer, the computer stops working) require you to contact each company and get them to issue you a new license.  Some vendors are better about this than others.  I can't remember anyone saying how EastWest handles it.

I really don't recommend anyone use the soft iLok option.  It's just pain waiting to happen.

If your physical iLok stops working, even without the zero downtime subscription, you mail it in and they will restore your licenses.  Zero downtime gets you temporary licenses instantly but isn't required for hardware failure recovery, but you have to wait for them to verify and reset your licenses (and buy a new iLok).  If a physical iLok is stolen/lost though I believe you are in the same boat as the soft failure crowd.

The iLok software has gotten better over the years, but it still can cause issues.  For me it's mostly been painless, but not everyone is so lucky.

In the end it's really more about the library product than the copy protection.  Too many forum users focus in on copy protection issues and overlook the actual libraries.  In my opinion these days there are much better libraries in most every category for anything EastWest offers.  

Play is just not good software.  It doesn't have near the feature set it should (at this point in its development) and doesn't work very well.  And that isn't going to change either.   But you could say the same thing about Kontakt, UVI Workstation, Halion, Best Engine, etc.  The economics of the sampler market means it's unlikely that is going to change really.

EastWest's subscription offer though gives you an interesting way to try it out.  Subscribe for a month or a year and see how it goes.  Then buy what you liked.

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