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MIDI in question (Synthrack)

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Hi and Hello,

 is there any chance to stop or interrupt the incomming MIDI-Remote signals (temporally) for a specific plugin or synth inside the synthrack or elsewhere?

As you can see, in my setup, Beatstep Pro as my MIDI-(Remote) Controller is disabled (any Channel is checked) in MIDI Input Preset (Inspector) but  my Synth
in the Synthrack still receives MIDI-remote signals on MIDI Cha 3 😬
It confuses me, because in the preset only CME VX (on MIDI Cha 1) is set active...

Probably MIDI-Remote/MIDI Learn  (in Synthrack) has it's own separate live and has nothing to do with MIDI Input presets in the inspector 😪
and probably this is a 'normal' MIDI-protocol limitation (in all DAWs) So it seems, MIDI-remote signals don't differ about what Plugin or Softsynth
is active right now. Do I send (for e.g.) CC 104 on MIDI Channel 3, every virtual Plugin/Softsynthparameter which is assigned to this data value will be affected -
unfortunatelly not the highlihted or active one...







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