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jack furey

Please help me!! issue with studio instruments

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Hello people,

my name is Jack and i really need help.

I downloaded cakewalk cause i heard good reviews and i was exited about the free studio instruments but i didn't get them all!

All i got was the cakewalk piano even doe there's drums and strings studio instruments.

everything is downloaded fully.

All i want to do is just put together a cool song but I'm just sitting there watching YouTube trying to find out how to get these studio instruments which should #have been downloaded.

please please help me, i dont know anything about downloading vst plugins so please dont recommend.

thanks guys

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Hi @jack furey, welcome.

Did you use the Bandlab Assistant? Under "Apps" , the "Open" dropdown menu includes an option to "Install Add-ons". What options are checked when you do that?


For me, they are selected and disabled which suggests they are included by default - but your options may be different for some reason. That would be the first thing to check.

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All the AddOns are optional.

Here is an image of BandLab Assistant showing the "Install Addon..." menu option.


None are installed by default.

Once installed, the options are disabled in BandLab Assistant.

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