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Three Body Technology launches Chinese Traditional Virtual Instrument Series

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Three Body Technology has announced the release of a new Chinese Traditional Virtual Instrument Series, describing it as "the deepest sampled ancient Chinese Instrument in the world".

The 5 new products are:

Lost Soul (Xiao).

Tear of Land (Xun).

Phoenix Scream (Suona).

Whisper of Loong (Dizi).

World in Gourd (Hulusi).

Three Body Technology says:

The original samples and techniques will transport you to the world of ancient China. We are looking forward to exploring the mysterious power and sharing the Yin&Yang with you.

All instruments are available for Windows and MacOS in VST2, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Intro Price: 20% off until February 25th, 2021 (prices start at $47)







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These are generally considered the best Chinese virtual instruments available.   These are the ones that Chinese composers use, not most of the stuff that we are familiar with.   They are best because of the quality and authenticity of the recordings and the amount of control.  The truth is that a lot of world libraries are created by people who don't come from the countries where the instruments are played.  

Unfortunately the only one they previously sold in their English-language is the Yangqin, which I got last Black Friday.  I am going to do a video in February comparing all the Yangqins.  The NI one comes off surprisingly well, in my book, with some reservations.  It is definitely designed for western musicians to use, not for authenticity, but it is decent, and you can't beat the price.  I'll be curious to find out who created it. 

People have jumped through hoops to buy them from Chinese stores.  And of course the interfaces were all in Chinese.  I wrote Three-Body in December and directed them to a thread on VI:Control about how anxious people were to buy these.   And the guy said they would bring all of them out in January.  I totally think it was VI:Control that did it.  They were very moved by the interest in their stuff.

I wish I had more money left, because these are not cheap.  

Prices are

Hulusi $59  ($47)

Suona $111 ($139)

Xun $63 ($79)

Xiao $95 ($119)

Dizi $95 ($119)

Yangqin $95 $119

Why are the Hulusi and Xun so much cheaper?  I think it may be because they come with fewer patterns. 

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I just found out that Best Service is now selling these.  Same price, but you get BestCoin.  If I buy, I will buy direct from them, as I'd like them get all the $$.

FYI, they say "Purchase Phoenix Scream and get another instrument for free from Three-Body Tech."   Two virtual instruments have been created for Suona: Phoenix Scream, with the most commonly used pitch range, and Phoenix Growl, which represents a bass.


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