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On 1/27/2021 at 4:12 AM, Jeslan said:

You are not alone thinking in those terms.

(First of all I want to make clear I am not related in any way to the developer in question. Just someone that really knows how hard is to cope with life in that kind of circumstances)

And to be honest the entire thread is extremely sad to read. I can understand people paying for something not delivered to be upset. But that is no excuse to the complete lack of empathy and caring about others conditions and life circumstances (both related to health and financial terms). Even to the point of showing a brutal total ignorance on those issues that borders plain stupidity like shown in the previous comment to this.

It's incredibly sad people don't care a sh*t about others and their circumstances for real as much as their life is normal enough and until it's one of them or a loved one that gets caught in hard life circumstances. And in this case, treating someone and appling the same way of judging like if it was a well established company with money and people working normal schedules to a solo developer really struggling financially and specially with mental health issues that are incredibly debilitating to the point of rendering you unable to do anything for long periods of time with serious mood changes that obviously affect your capacity to work in a normal and efficient way, like if he had to deliver the very same way is both unfair as sad.

For instance, for someone struggling like this developer, to read such heartless comments about yourself and your work in a thread like this during one of the common very low peaks can easily be the last push for your mind to think "that's it, I am done. I can't take anymore" that could easly lead to suicide (like social networks have proved over and over by now).

Are you still waiting for something to be delivered and are upset ? That's completely ok. Are you not interested in his work anymore ? That's ok too. What it's NOT ok is that there is no need at all to go and tell the world about it in the way shown here. In fact the only true outcome that comes from comments like those is to predispose others to think and act in those same lines for the only sake of a bunch of strangers on a forum writting this. Something that only helps making life harder for someone whos life is already hard.

EDIT: I just want to make sure that I am not here to defend this person specifically, but trying to bring some insight about the kind problem shown in this thread.

Wusik is a business. A business that sells a product. As a business, you should either be accountable for your mistakes or stop running said business. People gave this person money for a product he promised to deliver and all they're getting back at endless sales and BS.

That doesn't sound like someone struggling with mental health, but a crook trying to justify not delivering a service people paid for and area waiting for quite a long time.

I'm gonna use my depression and panic attacks as excuses to delaying my payments to the bank. Maybe they'll fell empathy for me.

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