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VST Pre-sets default Location ?

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It appears that a recent update to CWB has changed how VST presets are accessed.

Now, every time I open a VST and try to load a preset, it defaults to:

C:\Users\USER\Documents\VST3 Presets\[VST name]

However, I keep my collection of presets elsewhere. 

So now, EVERY time I open a VST and search for a preset, I have to navigate from one folder to another. It used to just to default to open in the last folder chosen.

Is there any way to SET the VST presets folder and just leave that in place?

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Any plugin that fully conforms to the VST3 spec is expected to implement preset folders as described by Steinberg:

[Users/$USERNAME/Documents]/VST3 Presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/               (user-specific presets)

[Users/$USERNAME/AppData/Roaming]/VST3 Presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/         (per-user factory presets)

[ProgramData]/VST3 Presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/       (global factory presets)

[$APPFOLDER]/VST3 Presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/   (DAW-specific presets)

Note that many (most?) vendors ignore this recommendation, preferring to keep their pre-VST3 scheme for backward compatibility. 

Personally, I would surrender and let them go where they want to go. I long ago gave up trying to impose my will on  software vendors because it only causes complications such as redundant copies and missing dependencies.  I let vendors install files wherever they want. They're small, so it's not like I'm wasting a lot of disk space by making such a concession.

My exception to this policy is large files such as virtual instruments that reference samples. Even then, I let the main DLLs go to their default destinations and just relocate the samples to another disk. The original paths still exist so the software doesn't get confused, but the sample folders are links (created with the mklink command). You could do the same for presets, but it's probably not worth the bother.

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