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(NOT A DEAL) Native Instruments announced the sale of the company to a technology investor

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12 hours ago, Starise said:

I'm in full agreement abacab. It's a great program I would consider better than merely a sketch library. I have it and use it.👍

Gotcha! Amadeus is a very good value. And it's even fun to just open the full orchestra patch and play it with your keyboard. A full orchestra layered under your fingers!

I also have Overture 5, and this library was created to provide an upgrade from the General MIDI factory sounds it contains. If you open a new score using an Amadeus template, it loads all of the instruments from Amadeus with Kontakt plugins running in the background. No Kontakt UI at startup unless you wish to open it.

If you open the Overture 5 template for a "Full Orchestra" you get a score preloaded with 21 Amadeus instruments. Now that's intimidating for me...a blank score with that many empty staves! 🤪

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