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Joey Sturgis Toneforge Sale

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My friendly advise about plugins from those guys.

Never buy them in blind just after looking some videos on net. Unless you personally tested or absolutely convinced you want them just skip...

AFAIK they're still not providing any demo. And there is a good reason for that.

I bought a few years ago their amp sim (Jason Richardson - in blind as no demo - just after watching demo video).  And in fact almost (?) every of my other amp sims (which I have plenty) is better about sound and usability (at least for my guitars /Ibanez +Strat-Tele hybrid/).  It is usable but not giving anything special. But of course Jason playing with it (or in fact anything else) can impress heavily.

The true about video demo is great guitar player can sound very good even using am sim from Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 with some cabs. And if he adds some warm words we are ready to buy...


But it would be even forgivable if not their completely lack of support. After 1 year I was not even able to load what I buy if I would like to reinstall. Not mentioning any version updates.

There are zylion of zylions great plugins so I would like market force them to start respect their own customers or disappear...


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