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Hints & Tips for a novice building a music PC

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Firstly. I hope this is the correct section to post in. Please advise otherwise if needed.
I would like to call upon the giant pulsing brain that is the Cakewalk community for advice and tips on rebuilding a music PC.
I have a PC built by SCAN here in the UK purely for music that is nearly 11 years old. (specs : Case - Fractal Define R2 ATX case, OS - W10 20H2 (updated from the original W7), CPU - Intel i3 - 540 @3.07GHz (don't laugh it has been a workhorse), MOBO - Gigabyte H55-UD2H (socket 1156), RAM - 4GB Corsair DDR3 @666MHz, GPU - Nvidia GeForce 210 - 512mb, PSU - Seasonic SS-520 GM Active PFC F3, Drives - C - Samsung Evo 860 500GB (updated from original HDD), D - Samples - Crucial MX500 1TB (updated from original HDD), E - Storage - Samsung 1TB 7200 original HDD (still going strong).

I am upgrading to : Intel i5-10600 (3.3 - 4.8Ghz), MOBO Asus Prime B460 Plus, 16GB Corsair DDR4 @2666, BeQuiet Pure Rock Slim cooler, Seasonic S12III Bronze 650w PSU.
My choice is dictated by limited funds and availability hence me taking the Intel route and not AMD. And I will be using the inbuilt graphics as they have progressed since 2010 (I hope). I use 2 monitors one of which only has VGA input. And my interface is a M Audio Fast track Pro.

I'll keep the 3 drives as is. And install into the Fractal case.
My tinkering with PC hardware only comes down to replacing the HDDs with SSDs. I am buying the parts from SCAN who will install all components on the MOBO and configure the BIOS. So, all (HA!!) I have to do is install to the case.
I would appreciate any tips for a novice from those with experience. I am watching lots of YT vids but they all seem orientated to gamers. I'm not interested in that, neither in overclocking, hence my choice of parts. They give me a reasonable upgrade and bang for my buck. What useful things have you found when doing this sort of thing. And many thanks.

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