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Scott Kendrick

Matching Snare Sound (With Sample)

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Wondering if someone more experienced with mixing techniques, FX, etc might be able to help out. I'm trying to mimic a snare sound (not necessarily exact but similar). I've attached a sample file with the snare hit in it - not totally isolated. For context this is Paul Riddle's snare on The Marshall Tucker Band's first LP (e.g. Can't You See etc). I find it has a nice snap and very distinct tone - but this particular tone actually only shows up later in the track when he's really hitting hard. I don't think it's a rim shot but not sure..

My question is - what do you hear that might help me replicate similar? I analyzed the EQ - the body of the tone seems to be around 500 Hz.., and there seems to be a notch at 300 Hz, and LPF just over 10K. Using a tuner I measured the main note to be an F#. Is it clearly gated, or shaped, or what else is giving it that sound? Just looking for ideas.

Note - I believe he is using a Slingerland 5x14. I use EZDrummer and while I don't have the exact snare in my 50+ snares, I have Slingerland 3x14 that is kind of close. That said for tone I've been finding some other snares are closer and in fact stacking snare sounds is getting me closer than using a single snare, but I'd rather not over complicate it if I don't have to.

Any ideas, suggestions, or guidance welcome! Thanks!



this part of the song



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