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Revisiting A Previous Issue: Timing!

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Hi, Everyone!

So, here's whats happening.

I had marked the thread linked below, as SOLVED.

It is not solved, I thought it was until I started trying to record, some more. I have new info of what is happening, but can't seem to resolve.

I'm simply trying to record midi tracks, in real time.

1) I have one midi track: say, its addictive keys. (also occurs with TTS)

2) arturia keylab essentials keyboard plugged in via usb: its inputting notes, but,

3) the click's accented beat is playing 2 or 3 beats after the visual beat one

Where the NOW marker is, is when I hear the beat one of the Metronome


4) I thought I had solved this by clicking on INTERNAL SYNC


When I do that, and immediately record, it all works together as it should: what I see on screen and what I hear falls on the beats correctly. As soon as I STOP recording, the INTERNAL SYNC automatically changes to AUDIO SYNC.

5)  I also tested this scenario by creating a auxillary track and recording the metronome there. The same results occur. I see beat one go by on the timeline,  but don't hear it until 2 beats later. Weird.

6) I also used PREFERENCES  to change to INTERNAL SYNC.  It also auto-reverts back to AUDIO SYNC.

Here's My Equipment:

  • Focusrite 18i20
  • Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 keyboard
  • Windows 10 Prof, running latest updates thru December (January's will probably fall this week)

Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe its a CW bug, maybe I should re-install CbB? Bleh... I sure don't wanna do that, unless last resort.

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