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SampleTank 4.03 out

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Improved memory and processor usage.

Added a Streaming tab in Settings.

Fixed an issue with crashes on FL Studio macOS.

Fixed an issue with infrequent crashes on VST, AAX, and Standalone.

Fixed an issue with possible missing font on Windows.

Fixed an issue with authorization.

Fixed an issue with recognizing the current ST3 path at first launch.

Fixed graphic artifacts while resizing window within a host.

Fixed an issue with automation defaults within a host.

Fixed Strummer steps sync within a host at first load.

Fixed an issue with instrument saving due to unsupported characters.

Added a brief install guide post installation.

Improved the search responsiveness in the Phraser.

Fixed an issue with loading ST3 Multis that include imported legacy instruments.

Improved visual feedback for database rescan.

A Sound Library Update 1.3 is available. This fixes various typos, macro errors and Multi and sample issues and includes additional Multis. Please download and install the Sound Library Update 1.3 available in your SampleTank 4 Sound Downloads dropdown menu.

General reliability improvements.

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Hey Greg! It doesn't look like there's a deal attached to this post- just some general update info. Is there also a deal that we should know about? Otherwise, I'm not sure this belongs in Deals! Useful information, for sure, but it may be misplaced- unless there's a deal to be had!

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