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audio in home studio sounds bad

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12 hours ago, Cactus Music said:

I used to do clients and kept things tidy. Now I just keep spreading out and buying more gear !. My wife say's I better get it now before I retire and will have no money. 

I liked your idea of the bookshelf on that end wall. Put a couch or loveseat in there and throw rugs .  I would still use your acoustic panels you bought if anything just to make it look official :) 

One day I'll tidy my studio and re build a little bit. I plan on using some wood.... I like the sound of wood. 

Studio "B" is our TV room and it has  a wood ( 1" Fir)  floor and  a wood (2" spruce)  ceiling which happens to be the floor of the upstairs studio A.    

It's a 12x12 room but has Clutter being 2 stuffed chairs and a loveseat.   There are a lot of framed pictures on the wall ( diffusers?) and curtains on the windows. 

My wife and I have not only our furniture, but some of her parents' furniture in our garage.  And there is a love seat that we didn't know what to do with.   In fact, we have 2.     We also have lots of ugly pillows I can put on them.  We have some rugs too.   I'll just throw a bunch of stuff on that wall, along with the shelves in the garage. 

 As far as all my acoustic panels, I'll put them on the end of the room my desk and monitors are on and cover all the wall space.   Then on the back wall I can put the shelves and blankets and books, etc - clutter.    And we have plenty of pictures we didn't know what to do with.

Thanks for the ideas!

6 hours ago, msmcleod said:

I've used a 13 tog duvets in the past, which are a lot thicker than sleeping bags. The last time I bought a king size one (90 inches x 86 inches), it was only £12 (~$15) from Asda (UK equivalent of Walmart).

I've actually stapled two of them to the ceiling in my studio.... it makes it look like a padded cell, but it does reduce a lot of high frequency reflections.

The great thing about them is they're easy and cheap to replace, especially if you're making a curtain out of them.

All of my thick moving blankets will work.   

I'm also thinking about making some kind of small vocal booth.   I'll look into it and see if it's worth it.  Probably not


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