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PA January Voucher have arrived!

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1 hour ago, Marc Cormier said:

Sorry if it's been asked already but can vouchers be used to pay activation fees?  If so, I'd be willing to put any unused voucher to use...

Zo already gave you the answer, but just reminding that the dynamic discount also applies to activation fees.

And since this is the scrooge forum: By my calculations to get the lowest activation fee per plugin you either need to activate two plugins and use a $25 voucher (2 x $20 x 0.8 / 2 - $25 = $3.50 per plugin) or activate 10 plugins and use a $50 voucher (10 x $20 x 0.4 / 10 - $50 = $3 per plugin). 6 plugins and a $25 voucher is another sweet spot with $3.83 per plugin, but with every other combination you need to pay over $4 per plugin.

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