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jono grant

Audio snap question (for an advanced user to answer)

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I'm using audio snap on a jazz band to fix a tempo screw up that would otherwise make the track unusable.  

First I set project tempo from clip, then I choose clip follows project and create a tempo map to fix the issue. I bounce it using the Radius mix algorithm. All good.

My question:

- I'm doing this to the stereo mix rather than on the individual tracks. Is there any benefit to doing it to the individual tracks and using different algorithms?

- Lastly, and most important to me: I rendered a version that I had created a fairly detailed tempo map and a version that just had one linear tempo slope from the start of the track to around the middle of the tune. The track with the single tempo line-drawn slope sounded almost undetectable, very clean. The other one with a more complex tempo map didn't sound so hot. I imagine the linear slope has even more tempo changes though, why would it sound so much better than the detailed tempo mapped version? Is it because it's linear and has no jumps in it? (Even though they're just slight jumps...) 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks. Jono




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