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Articulation and Comp flattening??


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I just completed a project that sounded way above my pay grade because articulation KSs were absolutely not more trouble than I deemed them to be, this time.  Thanks articulation maps.

One peculiarity that I did notice in the last stage of midi cleanup, was that articulation did not carry over into a flattened comp.  In this case, I had 4 take lanes (muted after flattening) and a soloed "Comp” lane.

After playing around, I found the articulation working in the muted Take Lane 1.  After wiping all other data from take 1, and unmuting, articulation was recovered for the track.

It’s not a showstopper, but this first time, it took a learning curve to recognize that I had a problem, and backtrack through tasks to resolve it

Is there a better way for users to flatten a track that contains articulation?

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