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Early access pricing - Retail €189  Sale €89 - Save 52% OFF

Titanium3 suite is made up of six (5 plus one FREE) separate Acqua plug-ins:

    Titanium3 3BComp (standalone three-band compressor)
    Titanium3 1BComp (standalone single-band compressor)
    Titanium3 EQ (standalone all-tube passive Equalizer)
    Titanium3 Pre (Preamp standalone module)
    Titanium3 Strip (Channel strip that includes all the previous cited standalone plugins)
Titanium BASSTard: a bass-frequency monster machine derived directly from the complete Equaliser, available through Aquarius as a forever-FREE download!


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I was surprised to see T3 EQ & Fuse's VQP-259A released so close together. I think they're pretty much based on the same pultec style eq.

I got Fuse's VQP bundle. His plugins are excellent, many have become my go-to's. I got rid of several plugin mfgs. altogether. I'm much more into a less is more approach to mixing these days. Some of Acustica's models are a mainstay on my projects as well.

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