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[SOLVED] Melodyne and Vocal Sync > Region FX not working

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An other test ...
The project(s) I was trying it on were loaded down with soft synths.
One more try after a reboot on a project with 1 imported audio track and Melodyne is working now as a Region FX.

Strange that it worked on the loaded project yesterday and not today but I'll still call this


... and thank you!



Hi there,
Melodyne was working perfectly yesterday, as a Region FX but today it won't load the usual window.
It just sits for a few seconds and then the highlighted clip becomes un-highlighted.
Melodyne loads and works if I put it in the FX bin of a track but not as a Region FX.

This is in Sonar Platinum where the Region FX is failing.
I tried it on 2 or more projects and also a brand new project. Same results for all.
Melodyne Region FX works correctly in CbB and also Sonar X3.

I suspect, maybe, I accidentally bumped a button or something today and that is causing the problem?
Don't know.
I rescanned all plugins and also did a chkdsk on C with a    / f .
Still not working.

Update: Just tested Vocal Sync and it's also not working as a Region FX.

Hopefully someone here might have a suggestion?

Thank you!


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Oh Steve, that sounds frustrating. I'm assuming this is the Melodyne that comes with CbB ... I've upgraded from the free version. 

Just in case, when you click on "Window" on the menu, is it listed there? I doubt it, but it can't hurt to try. I've had weird things happen with Melodyne's windows in the past, with docking and undocking. I have cakewalk laid out as in the screenshot below, is it possible for you to lay yours out like this?


I'm hoping the guys can help you - because what I would do was reinstall Melodyne as a start. Failing the ability to do that, can you reinstall CbB?


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Hi Tim,

My layout is already very close to yours, but I'm not recording with Melodyne. I'm just fixing a few notes here and there after recording.
I haven't checked under "Window" but I will.
Usually the little FX shows at the top right of the clip. but that'snot happening.
Any and all ideas are welcome.


Update: No, it'a not showing under "Window."
Also Remember - 
Vocal Sync is also not working.


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