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Peter Hintze

BR: Mouse Wheel Zoom Options / Behaviour

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I noticed that the Mouse Wheel Zoom Options and the available keybindings are not well designed and in addition some of the functions are broken.


  1. With the following settings: 1. Zoom factor set at 2.0 (or higher) for horizontal/verticall & 2. Zoom In / Out at Cursor.  3. Simultaneous zoom option turned off. Trry zooming in / out (with Shift+Alt + Wheel). Zooming stops if the zoom fector is set higher/smaller than the reminaing track height is.  And also the Zoom behaviour gets erratic after a few zooms and stops vertically, and if the track buttom is not in the track view extent anymore.

  2. The +Shift-option to make zooming faster does not work in neither mode and in neither direction.
  3. The keybinding for horizontal zoom different on the 2 modes: for with simultaneous zoom option turned on/off  


Since Track View navigation / zooming is one of the most used functions i hope this gets resolved in the near future.

Thank you.


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None that I know of.

Vertical mousewheel zoom is completely broken in PRV, last time I checked.

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