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Analog Lab V tracks do NOT produce any sound

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This is a relatively new problem as of my knowledge. I started using Cakewalk for about a week now  and for some reason, just yesterday, my tracks that use Analog Lab V stopped producing any sound, even my midi controller won't produce sound in these tracks. I tried troubleshooting such as checking if the tracks were set to solo, if they were muted, and restarting the audio engine. I also have another plugin installed (Komplete Kontrol), but it works perfectly fine. For now, I know nothing I could do, so help would be greatly appreciated. 

Midi Controller:

- Arturia Minilab mkII

Plugins Installed:

- Komplete Kontrol

- Analog Lab V

PC Specs:

- CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G

- GPU: Nvidia RTX2070

- RAM: 16GB

- Motherboard: Asus TUF B450


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Hi there. I just encountered this problem with my Arturia VST plug-ins in Cakewalk. I believe it was triggered by opening the standalone Analog V while I had one the VST's loaded in Cakewalk. The VST's stopped playing all audio.

To correct this, I ran the Wave Profiler in the Cakewalk settings. I hope this helps!

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Hi. Could you solve it?

I had the same problem but I had accidentally muted the clips (not tracks).

I unmuted them and it worked perfectly! I share it, i hope helps --> Second mouse click on the clip and that window appears

I have the program in Spanish, but the image should make it easy to understand. Greetings!

clip silenciado.jpg

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