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How is Cakewalk on a 4k monitor?


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Hi all!

How do you guys find Cakewalk at 4k resolution? Is it blurry or good? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please if you would disclose your screen size and scaling factor in Windows as well as sitting distance from screen.

I am going to replace a dual-screen setup that consists of two old Dell 19" 1280x1024 (yes, 4:3!) monitors with a new hi-res monitor. Due to speaker placement and ergonomics, I need a single screen in front of me.

The width of a 32" monitor seems to be perfect for me – most are about 71 cm (~28") in width – and most people seem to say that 4k resolution needs a 32" monitor. I am sitting about 90 cm (~35") away from my screen(s).

Reading about it, scaling in Windows 10 seems to be problematic... so is 4k at 32" worth it, or should I aim at 2560×1440 at 27" instead?

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I can't tell you what it looks on 4k, but I can tell you what it looks like on a 2k 32" since that is what I have. I also have a 22" on top of it, on a pole, which I use to put plugins so that they don't overlap the Cakewalk main screen.

The 2k 32" is on my desk at about the same distance that you would put any PC monitor, a few feet from me, at the back of a normal desk. Cakewalk is a blast to use with it. I do not have any scaling and so no blurriness at all, just a ton of usable screen real-estate. A pleasure to use, even with my old eyes. I have Presonus Eris e8 studio monitors, which are large with their 8" woofers, on each side of the 32". I am very satisfied with that setup to work with.

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Hey, @GreenLight

I have a 4k screen, and there's a screenshot capture of how I have it organized when I'm running Cakewalk.   I run CbB at 100% so nothing is magnified.  That requires a pretty large screen that allows all of the little numbers/icons in the Control Bar to be represented.  

Use a website called  www.isthisretina.com  to compare and calculate reasonable viewing distances. If your 4:3 screen is 1280x960, then it's about 84 pixels per inch with a "retina distance" of 41-inches.  To maintain the same 84-PPI , a  52-inch diagonal screen would be required at 4k.  To simply have a reasonable 35-inch viewing distance, my calculations show that a 45-inch diagonal screen would be required to run at 4k/100% .   Pick the size that works for you. 





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On 12/28/2020 at 2:06 PM, Sergei Pilin said:

It is pretty blurry to my eyes, here's an image to compare proper Highres text with the one of Cakewalk. It's bearable but... Wish Cakewalk properly supported high resolution screens, hopefully in the future.

Interesting, thanks. I suppose it boils down to the screen size you have and the distance you have it at.

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