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Producerplanet Advent calendar

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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Headline summary: pretty good loop collections, commercial (royalty free) versions, for $1

All deals of the advent calendar are now available


For all the soundpool/loop collections, the price on the landing page is the price for noncommercial version but, you can click on each soundpool and get the commercial (royalty free) version for 2x the price of the noncommercial one.

From that page, the soundpools (but not the instruments, effects, or Acid Loop Collections) are also available in the Musicmaker store, which means you can further bring down the price by using the current humblebundle vouchers, $1 for a $19.99 voucher and a $9.99 voucher


If you are interested in more than a couple of items, the vouchers can be purchased multiple times. If humblebundle warns you that you already have it and doesn't let you continue, you can work around the warning by switching payment methods (e.g. the first purchase is done via paypal, the second purchase via direct credit card payment) or by selecting "this purchase is a gift" and then gifting to yourself

The soundpools are purchased and downloaded in MusicMaker but the downloads are wav or ogg files, and can be used in other DAWs

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Clarification: Acid Loop Collections like "This is EDM" are not soundpools, from a voucher perspective
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