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Definitely MCU - why?  HUI is dead, and MCU replaced it... and as far as Cakewalk is concerned, MCU is supported whereas HUI is only very partially supported.

HUI was originally conceived by DigiDesign & Mackie for ProTools ( before AVID took over ), and came up with HUI:


A few years later, Mackie did a similar thing with eMagic for Logic and came up with this:


Presumably realising they couldn't keep coming up with completely new surfaces for each DAW, Mackie discontinued the HUI, and turned the eMagic Logic Control into the Mackie Control Universal  ( same hardware, different ROM ).

The Mackie Control Universal works in three modes:

  • HUI  ( for ProTools )
  • Logic 
  • MCU ( for everything else )

They also brought out some extenders to add to the MCU ( which speak the same MCU language: The XT (an extra 8 faders), and the C4 ( lots of knobs for controlling plugins) :


 These were given a new look in the MCU Pro series, but apart from some minor differences (e.g. USB interface & better faders),  functionally they're exactly the same:


The MCU Pro and the MCU Pro Extender are still available.  Unfortunately the C4 Pro isn't - except on eBay - a pity really, because the C4 rocks.

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