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Best Service discount codes starting today!

Yan Filiatrault

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I wrote to Best Service to ask if I should still wait for purchases I want to make for discount codes or if I don’t need to wait. 

Here’s their answer: « We will hide some discount codes across our site starting today evening : ) »

They are in Europe, so somewhere today.

So that will probably be the only time ever I am way ahead of time than Larry for posting a deal :)

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1 minute ago, Christian Jones said:

"This [2020] voucher requires a minimum order value of 114.24 USD of products from the participating manufacturers!" 

Lame. I wanted to get the vsl tenor sax for $97 but nooooo

Has to be $99...anything $99 or more will take the code...
Find a $2 product...you're in

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Yeah, it works (I just did it) with the Studio 4-5 Pro Update, for which the current regular sale price is $99.00. I picked it up for $77.83. This includes the $20 off code and a few Best Service points left over from my last purchase. This was the only thing in my order, other than a HOF reverb they threw in as a freebie.

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8 hours ago, cclarry said:

Works for me no matter what I put in the cart that is $99...
so IDK what's going on with the ones who it won't work for

The Best Service order checkout mechanism w/ regards to this $20 discount seems wonky as I managed to get this deal which I probably shouldn't have been eligible for and which in fact didn't actually work the first few times I tried it.. it kept asking me over and over to choose my free gift (Chris Hein harmonica) and it would add it to my cart as free but when I went to check out the total would show I was actually being charged full price for the Chris Hein harmonica plus everything else in the cart.

But around the 4th or 5th try when I emptied my cart again completely and added back the two paid items (vsl sax full and ancient bones)..  those only totalled $95, not the $99 required to use the $20 voucher, but yet the voucher worked anyway or at least I somehow beat the thing into submission by hammering away until I got the gat dang result I wanted lol idk


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