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WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm


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7 hours ago, Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann said:


I think that Scaler 2 (that I have) is likely more capable than LM, as are many tools that have come around recently, as it has been a few years since Liquid Music was released. For example consider the pattern generators in Waveform, and the chord tracks & chord assistants in various DAWs such as Cubase and Studio One.

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7 hours ago, Topcheese said:

Liquid Music also has tight integration with Ableton.   So much so that I'm thinking of grabbing the free copy of Ableton just so that I can fully make use of LM and L&R.

I think that integration requires the use of the Max for Live plugin, which as far as I know requires Live Suite.



Designed, obviously, to be used with Ableton's DAW (specifically, you need Ableton Live Suite 9 as Max for Live is required)


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31 minutes ago, Topcheese said:

@abacab That's right I forgot about that.  That was one of the reasons that I don't use it.  I saw the VST support if the "Lite" version, and forgot about the M4L part.  Thanks for saving me the trouble of installing and rediscovering the problem.!  I so want to be able to like Ableton Lite.

Ableton Lite is a very capable DAW. Just seems that many of the really cool Live demos or tutorials utilize some feature from Suite.

I have the Standard Edition and still feel limited by that at times... but really have no interest in paying for Suite. But I might add one or two instruments a la carte someday.  I got Live 5 full version in a keyboard bundle like 10 years ago, and I've kept up with the cheap upgrades to Standard.

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