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Nice tune, and great playing!

On 3/25/2019 at 12:17 AM, amiller said:

I’m using Superior Drummer 3.  I don’t think it’s the software.  I need to keep working and refining my skills.

You might want to try some parallel compression on your drums: the idea is to have two 'copies' of your drums playing at the same time; one is the original, one a highly compressed version but with the volume set at a much lower level. Some plugins have a wet/dry control and you can achieve parallel compression using this; otherwise it's also possible to send your drums to a bus, and compress the bus. The advantage of PC is that you get the punchiness of the original untouched drum transients, but also the power and sustain of the compressed version.

It's also sometimes helpful to EQ the snare a little around 7k, and cymbals around 15-16k, to help make them 'shine' a little.

Overall though, it's a very nice instrumental!

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24 minutes ago, Douglas Kirby said:

I liked the arrangement of the song and the lead guitar tone was sweet.  Made me think a bit of Steve Vai.  The mix sounded excellent to me.

Thanks!  LOL, I only wish I could play anywhere near Vai’s playing.  Thanks for the kind words.

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