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Nested Folders for Project Templates

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It would be nice to have Project Templates organized like Track Templates.


The SD3 folder contains 65 drum project templates.  To use these I have two choices:

1) Navigate to the folder via Windows Explorer and double click the template

2) Put all 65 Project Templates from the SD3 folder into the Project Template root folder

The first option is doable, though slow.  The second option would make a mess of the root.



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We can create nested folders when saving a project template. But if we could see folders in this menu, we could access them.


At now I use Media Browser in The Cakewalk to access these folders in the Project Templates folder. I open a template, shortly after that I save it as a project file in a different location. If I make some changes and forgot to save it in a different location, it saves on to that project template file. But if we have folders in that New Project File menu, we can directly load it from there and we would stay out of trouble.

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