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Steve Harder

Articulation Maps for VSL BigBang Black Eye, Capricorn, Eridonus

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### Go to this thread for up to date artic maps.




I tried to minimize the quantity of possible articulations within the Capricorn and Eridonus maps. 

Each set has a different color.  Each set can coexist with the other sets within that map.

So in Capricorn there is a set for 120BPM ... 140BPM,  Main Riff, Low Riff, High Riff.  The sets can "layer" on top of each other.  The individual articulations are Chase - Full, so that all the correct layers get set no matter where you start play.

The Eridonus map can be used with Main or Low or High presets.





Big Bang Orchestra Black Eye x.artmap Big Bang Orchestra Capricorn x.artmap Big Bang Orchestra Eridonus x.artmap




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