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Get inside your audio with PEEL 

PEEL isolates individual instruments or vocals in stereo recordings. Solo, mute or route the audio for external processing! Got a song where the vocals are too loud? Let PEEL route the vocals to a separate track in your DAW* so you can set level and pan as if it was before mixdown.

Use PEEL for

Isolating vocals or instruments in a mix

Muting vocals or instruments in a mix

Routing single instruments in a mix for external processing in your DAW

Visualizing your mix to help you track down problems

Click below and check out the video!

Intro special offer**: as a zplane customer -  buy now and save 25%! Use the introduction offer discount code and get peel for €29 only!

discount code:

Note: not all DAWs support sending audio from PEEL’s second output to its own audio track.

DAWMultiple Outputs

Ableton Live✓



FL Studio✓

Logic Pro x



Studio One x

$39.03 with code



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It is very good that there are now several products in this area! Surely there will be some competition!

But I bought DrumsSSX from Fuse Audio Labs this year. It separates drum instruments in a stereo drum mix. It is the best that I have found in this area (there are not many). I plan to use it in 2021 to separate the individual drum instruments of some poorly old stereo drums recordings (tape, sloppy), then convert them to MIDI and finally recreate the drums with a Vsti.

I had invested in some other tools, some more expensive even, but I was disappointed that they do not serve for this purpose. E.g. XLN Addictive Trigger, it is extraordinary in detection, but regrettably there is no possibility to manually fix incorrect detection and 2nd you can only extract kick, snare and toms, it is nearly impossible to extract hi-hat and cymbals (especially overlapping hits). That's why I have great expectations in DrumsSSX, 'cos my tests showed very good results with some tweaking.

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