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Latency issue

Jeffrey Kamil


Hi, I'm new to his so I appreciate your help

I just started using cakewalk (windows 10) to record audio using a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 3rd gen usb interface

1. When I monitor the input levels there is a delay coming through the speakers.

2. Also,  the track appears to be recording in stereo, I would like it to be mono.

Can anybody please help?

Thanks in advance

Jeff K

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1. Latency is caused by the size of buffer you choose. The Focusrite Driver is used to change the buffer size. Smaller buffer sizes cause less latency but can cause dropouts in audio if set too small or if your project has lots of plugins and instruments.

Another option is to use direct HW monitoring. Your interface basically echoes what you are input to one of its outputs with almost no delay. The downside of this is that you don't hear any of the effects that you have added in the track in cakewalk.

I don't have a Focusrite so you will have to look in the manual or on the Focusrite site to see where to set the buffer size.  Make sure you have the latest Focusrite driver installed.

2. To record in mono you need to set the input of the track to a mono source. Usually the inputs to your device are listed as mono sources and then one that might combine two mono sources as a stereo source.

Please look through the Cakewalk documentation or look up some youtube videos to get started. 



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