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No sound when reproduce




I have just installed Catwalk and in order to learn how to use it I was following a tutorial step by step, when I try to hear what I was doing no sound came out my speakers.

I tried starting from scratch in an empy project importing only one preset drum midi file, again no sound...

I am attaching my settings in the preferences inside Catwalk, my audio board is a "Realtek High definition audio" on a pc with Win10 64 wit all the updates installed.

Thanks to anyone who can help :) 



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Assuming you are correct when you say you imported a MIDI file. MIDI has no sound. It is only a set of instructions. You need to send those MIDI instructions to a drum synth, which will make the sound.

You can use the SI-Drum kit.

But watch this tutorial about MIDI first.
Start watching from time 2:53.
At time 5:02, insert the SI-Drum Kit, NOT the TTS-1. Stop watching.

Paste your drum MIDI file onto the track. Press Play.
You should hear the drums playing.

Right-click on the track and select Split Instrument Track.
You now have 2 tracks - track 1 is the drum synth audio, track 2 is the MIDI track.
Go Views -> Inspector and then look at the section that opens up to the left of the tracks.

Click on the MIDI track.

The extreme left of the screen shows the MIDI track from a different view point. Look at the very bottom.
There where it says In/Out.
O for Out says 1SIDrumKt1.
So the MIDI data is being fed to the SI Drum Kit synth.

In the track pane click on track 1, the synth.
Now look at the left, then bottom.
It shows input is SDrumKt1.....
That track is receiving the audio that is coming out of the Drum synth.
The output is to the Master fader.

Ask questions at this point if you need to.

Go back to your tutorial, see what you missed, what went wrong.


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