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willard cottrell

Tempo question; question about EW or any other VST's like it

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Hi all,

I like to transcibe early music.  Much of it consists of 3/2, 6/8, 4/1 time signatures.  Is there  a connection between ticks and tempo in order to get, for example,  either 2 clicks per measure or 6?  In a piece I am transcribing currently, the correlation between the Adagio mm and the actuall performace tempo doesn't jive.  I adjust by raising or lowing the tempo.  Can that problem be overcome?


When using a multi VST - like GPO - using the keyswitch allows one to need a single instance of a part present.  However, with EW Play or Kontakt etc, the extensive variety of KS articulations can not ALL be represented in one track.

QUESTION:  How do you approach this dilemma?  Do you add the entire midi/or audio  to a track; or just copy those notes that require  those additional articulations to a new track?


Thanks for any advice.


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You see the 4/4?
Click on it and set the time signature.
Click on the 120 to set then tempo.

For something such as EW orchestra, you can:
1) have a track per articulation, and insert as many instances of that instrument as you need
2) have one instance, one track, and send the keyswitch codes from the track

Watch all these tutorials (in no particular order) about doing that. d a b c  

Then go to the Tutorials forum and watch any tutorial that looks promising.

On YouTube search for Cakewalk and subscribe (with notification) to all the channels. Have a look at the tutorials, see which channels you like. Unsubscribe the ones you don't.


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Thanks for tip.  I've looked at these youtube sites with the exception of EXL's  His explanation, because it dealt w/ BBC, and the way in which I am learning to use it, helped alot.




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