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Oh No! Not another demo!

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Hi, Bill,

This is a really great start to a very cool progressive instrumental!πŸ‘

The keyboard and synth work are outstanding, the guitars are really nice, although, I would bring the distorted guitar a little bit more forward in the mix to get it closer to the clean chords that drive most of the song.Β  The sound effects at the end were a cool little element to match up with the theme of the song title.πŸ˜€

I'm on my third listen.Β  The bass sounds nice throughout, and the piano outro is absolutely fantastic!Β  I know you mentioned that the drums aren't finished yet, but when they are, I would bring the volume up quite a bit, to just below the clean guitar level, and then bring the bass up into the same ball park.

Excellent stuff, Bill, can't wait to hear the finished product!☺️

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Thanks Bob! I'm a "hoarder" so this goes into the pile for now...working on a new album and I like to gather lots of material to pick through...with a little work this might be a keeper :)

I actually had the guitars more forward but it was too much...I'll revisit that because I like the idea of emphasizing them...and the drums are low so they don't stand out too much right now ;)


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I like the five chord thing!

It's as you said a rough mix, you'd want to whip out a few high pass filters to whack away at the low-end build up. I'm sure you know that already.

This song idea definitely nods the head. Where is it going? Spaghetti Space Western? Hans Zimmer driving the Tesla Space Roadster?

Piano at the end was a very nice touch indeed.Β 

Best thing is, it's not the standard four chord structure. Thank you for being original!




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