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I downloaded Bandlab Assistant and updated it by clicking a green update button. It finished updating.


Upon clicking a green log in button, nothing happens. Attached is a picture of what I see.


I have uninstalled and installed again, but the same thing happens.


I have Windows 10 and a 64-bit computer.

Bandlab Assistant.jpg

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So, in Display (with Windows 10), I changed the "size of text, apps, and other items" from 150% to 125%. This allowed me to view a green log in button at the same time as a green update button. Instead of updating first, I logged in and then updated. I am able to use Bandlab Assistant now.

Explanation of problem:

I think that the Bandlab Assistant page was being cut off and the green update button was covering the green log in button. I am still not sure why I wasn't able to log in after updating (and not before which worked), but oh well.

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