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Only 3 Days 8 h : 52 m : 03 s left to get a good deal on Eric Claptons 1954 Strat


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One of my best "on the road" stories is playing with Eric on stage at the Mean Fiddler in London when I was monitor engineer for Robert Cray, and his bass player hadn't turned up for soundcheck. If I had known then what I do now, I would have nicked the guitar, left the tour and stayed in hiding for 30 years before becoming a millionaire!


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I have to say Eric Clapton's  guitar did sound great in the video... warm and full bodied tone .The fact it is a hard tail may have played into it .

 I'm gonna have to play that video for my Strats  and scold them for sounding like a bunch of Unprofessional Sounding High Note Screaming Ice Picks 😁


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10 hours ago, Grem said:

Thanks Kenny, good video I would never have seen.

Thanks Grem ! Glad you enjoyed .

9 hours ago, InstrEd said:

Now don't be to harsh Kenny on your Strats. Remember each child each has there own personality   🤪


I took one of my Strats out of the closet , restrung it and played it for a few hours ..Man it sounded exactly as I had remembered it ...just like nails scraping on a black board .

Oh Eric if you ever had a kind thought towards another guitar player Please help a player out . I cant afford a Million and a Half for one of your guitars and I'm tired of torturing the few listeners I still have left with my Ice Pick Tone ....Help make a dream come true ..help bump up my tone w one of your guitars in my Guitarsenal ...

I don't care if it's the most ugliest hideous guitar you hate the most out of your collection ...I will love it , play it and cherish it .....Help make 2021 a great year for someone .



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