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Reaper updated to 6.17

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REAPER 6.17: Feature Ratchet

Changelog items below may include • links to more information.


FX shortcuts: fix issues with shortcut creation •

JSFX: support file_open() of media with absolute path •

JSFX: full recompile/reset in IDE closes any files opened via file_open()

Linux: fix potential hang on startup •

macOS-arm64: add mp3 encoder

Media: fix adjusting media based on embedded tempo when not importing from media explorer •

Media explorer: add actions to set/adjust pitch

Media explorer: add action to insert media at BWF source preferred position

Media explorer: display error message when unable to create new database file •

Media explorer: finer control for pitch and rate knobs

Media explorer: fix customizing Show and Options menus

Media explorer: fix possible macOS crash when removing database

Media explorer: if fine pitch adjustment set, further semitone or quartertone adjustments will preserve the fractional adjustment •

Media explorer: when replacing source media and stretching to fit, stretch active take only •

Media explorer: improve handling of stereo mp3 files played through multichannel tracks •

ReaScript: GetOS() now returns macOS-arm64 on arm64

ReaScript: restore 6.15 OS-subtype GetAppVersion() behavior, add 6.16/macOS-arm64 for arm64

ReaScript: fix insertion of ReWire plug-ins by qualified name with TrackFX_AddByName() etc

Render queue: order queued items by time

Windows: disable DX scanning by default on new installations

Plus all of the changes in 6.16:

Media explorer

display metadata in filesystem folder view

automatically populate metadata for media files that are visible in the browser list

support editing metadata in-place in the list

support editing media file metadata in filesystem folder view

support writing edited metadata to media files

support marking media files as favorites, option to group favorites at the top

add playback rate control

remove option to use Windows Explorer for browsing

update databases after moving or renaming files

actions to insert on a new track create a new track after the last touched track

add actions to go to shortcuts

add action to rescan all databases

add action to collapse all folders

add action to create subfolder

add action to delete files immediately (no confirmation/trash/recycle)

add action to insert media into sample player on new or last touched track

add action to open selected file in explorer/finder

add action to randomize file list

add option for search string to persist when browsing to new folder or database

add option for vertical layout

add option to hide file extension when file type column is displayed

add option to hide folders in file list

add option to hide path dropdown box

add option to try to open non-media files

add various display zoom actions

add option to auto-stop when initiating file drag

automatically update filesystem folder view when folder contents change

clear preview playback when changing selection in browser

column sort preferences persist between REAPER sessions

confirm before deleting database

display embedded transients in preview

display mp3, flac, ogg, opus chapter markers in preview and optionally arrange view

double-click preview display to select region between slices, cues, chapters

faster metadata reading for various file types

fix handling of shortcuts/paths with odd paths ending in space, etc •

improve macOS retina drawing of peaks

insert media on most recently selected track, not first selected track, consistent with copy/paste

insert new shortcuts or databases immediately following the currently selected shortcut

more efficient duplicate prevention with gigantic databases

move pitch knob options to pitch knob context menu

on startup, add any previously unreachable databases back into shortcut list

transpose MIDI directly when adjusting pitch

save recent search strings

set focus to arrange view after dragging samples from media explorer

show all controls at all widths

show database name in path dropdown rather than "XX.ReaperFileList"

show file type and reaper document icon for automation items

support assigning shortcuts to actions to rescan database

support browsing to folder enclosing file in database or search results •

support copy/pasting files in or out of media explorer

support customizable floating toolbar

support customizing menus

support dragging files into folders, real paths, or databases

support keyboard shortcuts for all "Media: insert into project" and "Media: Insert into selected media items" actions

support moving files to trash/recycle bin

add options to display leading path, full path, or no path

support renaming files

support renaming folders in tree view

support render-drag of file section outside of REAPER on mac

use tree view for shortcut list

when editing metadata in-place, up/down arrows navigate to previous/next file

Project metadata

add "all schemes" section, to add/edit metadata for multiple schemes at once

support XMP, APEv2, IFF, REX metadata

support special REAPER tag, for display/searching in media explorer

support embedding ID3 tag in .wav files

add category column to metadata dialog

add option to always write title, date, and time fields when rendering

add $date wildcard

support user-defined metadata fields in schemes that support it

save/restore column widths

fix ID3 image metadata saving with project •

write INFO metadata as the last chunk in a .wav file so Windows Explorer will see it •


fix compatibility with a mixture of Waves VST3 shell plug-ins installed

do not apply Windows multimonitor DPI changes across monitors until mouse released

use separate process when scanning plug-ins, allow terminating hung plug-ins during scan

improve resize behavior for various VST3

re-scan button in preferences shows list of plug-ins which failed to scan, allow forcing a rescan of each plug-in


display all supported metadata in source properties dialog

when matching tempo for preview or import, use any suitable metadata, if it matches the beat length of the media •

Theme adjuster

add action to open theme adjuster, default to Default_6.0 adjuster for old themes

support global/color configuration for all themes

option to show sends list in TCP (separate from FX)

Anticipative FX

fix excessive buffering when feedback loop w/ PDC present but feedback is disabled

Dynamic split

support ripple editing when removing silence


improve display issues when FX resized and chain is displayed on right side of view


improve splash screen update frequency


update to ICC 18.5

Media items

add action to open selected item source media in explorer/finder


lower network latency in voice chat mode


when dragging files from media explorer, automatically adjust start/end, volume, and pitch

Region manager

fix sorting by marker/region index •


fix reset of topmost pins on Windows when showing tooltip •


fix resolution of shortcuts that point to non-ascii filenames


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Yeah, but what have they done for us lately?

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3 minutes ago, Bapu said:

Yeah, but what have they done for us lately?

I think it happened in LV Bapu so it has to stay in LV ;)

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