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Radio Broadcast Software

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I thought this might be as good 'a place as any to ask.

Through this Covid mess, our church was fortunate (to my surprise) to have a low power radio transmitter - c.a. 2 mile coverage.  We set up a stage in front of our church, I mixed live through my Behringer X-Air to radio.  Folk pulled in, tuned in, and list-in'd (and watched from a distance).  Really worked a treat!

Now that we are back inside, I seem to have been placed in charge of improving what we do with it.  Currently, someone has donated an MP3 player that's full of a wide range of styles and volume levels.  My initial goal was just to cull through those MP3s and level match and make some sense of it so that we are not playing the odd Christmas song during the heat of harvest. 

Point of the Post

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of a cheap/free software program that can be set and left for the most part to run on it's own?  I found this site but really am not familiar with the terminology enough to know what to zero in on.  I am old enough to know and have seen in action a Cart but that's about it.  I would like:

  • the ability to structure playlists possibly by style/folder to play during specified times of day
  • the ability to schedule pre-recorded call signs for our KCCA moniker.
  • the ability to switch to a live feed on Sunday morning to broadcast the service.
  • the ability to do live interviews/segments throughout the week as needed.

I found this site but really don't know what to look for other then downloading and playing with it.  Any suggestions/reccomendations?




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