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Larry Shelby

Audio Assault ReAmp Studio

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ReAmp Studio

Cyber Monday Offer, get it today for only $39.99 USD!
Get the FULL version RIGHT NOW!

Try the Demo and discover why ReAmp Studio it's the most complete guitar suite out there!

Last chance to get it at a heavily discounted price for the next 24h!

ReAmp Studio

Taken straight from the hardware, our most realistic sounding amps ever.

- 36 Stomp Boxes

- 103 Amp Heads

100 Cab IRs

- 35 "FLEX" Cabs with movable mic position

- Rack FX Module

-Dual IR Loader with IMPACT control to enhance realism

Cabinet Loader

Freely position the mic using FLEX Cabs

Use the IMPACT control to bring more realism to your IRs, and then Focus to power them up!

Mix and match your favourite IRs with the dual cab loader.

Stomp Section

36 Stomp Boxes featuring:
Time Effects, EQ, Distortions, Overdrives, Boosters,
Compressors, Tremolo.

FX Rack

EQ, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Compressor.

This is the last chance to get it with 50% off!
This sale will be gone soon!

I Want ReAmp Studio!

Amp Model List

Blockstar HT50 Clean Voice

Blockstar HT50 Clean

Buguera 1990 Clean

Cieratone Jazz

Cieratone Rock

EHV 5051 III Clean

Fester Deluxe Verb

Highwatt 100 Bright

Highwatt 100

Meisa Fimore Clean

Morgen SWR22

Orenge MacroDark Clean

Paevy Bulbking Crunch

Paevy Stereo

Ronald J102

Vaux AC30

Carving X60 Lead

Carving X60 RTM

Danlectro Twin CH2

Danlectro Twin CH3

Fredman BE100 Crunch

Orenge MacroDark

Paevy Pento Bull

Paevy Pento Cactus

Paevy Pento Star

Paevy Pento Tree

Vaux AC30 HOT

Audio Assault Badix

Audio Assault Crack

Audio Assault Fox

Audio Assault Germinator

Audio Assault Slasher

Audio Assault Smoker Brite

Audio Assault Smoker

Audio Assault Wyld

Audio Assault XBottom

Blockstar HT50 Lead

Blockstar S100

Buguera 333 Rythm

Carving LegaC Bright

Carving LegaC

EGNL Infermo

EGNL Inferno Fat

Fredman Baterslax CH2

Fredman Baterslax

Fredman BE100

Meisa Fimore Drive

Meisa Fimore Hi

Meisa MKII

Meisa MKIV

Meisa TC50

Orenge AD30 Tight

Orenge AD30

Paevy Bulbking

Blockstar HT50 Lead Voice

Bonger Ubershall

Buguera 333

Buguera 6262 Lead

Deizel V4

Deizel VH2

EGNL Evader Tight

EGNL Evader

EGNL Firebol

EHV 5051 III Lead


Frameus Kobra

Krunk Krunkenstein

Meisa Recto CH2 V

Meisa Recto CH3 M

Meisa RevF Orange

Meisa RevF Red

Meisa TC50 Tight

Paevy 5150 Combo

Paevy 5435+

Paevy 6505+

Paevy Triplex Tight

Paevy Triplex

PSR Arkon

Randoll Santa Grind

Randoll Santa

Rev G120

Rev Gen20

Sodano SL100

VTH Pitbul

Buguera 1990 Lead

Buguera 1990 Rythm

Fester Delux Verb Fire

Marshell AFM100 Bright

Marshell AFM100

Marshell JMC800

Marshell JMC900

Marshell JMC2000

Marshell JMV420 JS

Marshell Plexi Bright

Marshell Plexi

Lien6 Spidy Inane

Marshell Bulbstate

Randoll Century Tight

Randoll Century

Randoll RGP1000

Randoll RH200 Rythm

Randoll RH200

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