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Cakewalk +Apogee One issue after Stopped Audio Engine

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Hi folks.

Hope that somebody can shine a light on the issue for me...  Ok so we are clear, I know what is "Stopped audio engine" in Cakewalk.... Problem has a related twist that I can not solve.

I have Apogee One (Asio) that I use as for mobile mixing. On heavy vst project it often overloads, even on max 2040 buffer size(gets me that "stopped audio engine") But the twist is that sound after that becomes distorted and does not return to normal. Unless I change the buffer on interface software to anything else... Meaning it would become normal again (without distortion) even if I change it to lower setting. Apogee is pretty much useless, suggesting some very generic solutions. My issue is that in theory after the "stopped engine" it should HEAL itself without touching buffer settings... As it happens with my main interface. If I get "stopped engine" it would resolve on the next press of Play button.

My assumption is that Apogee driver needs to reset itself after boo boo without manual therapy... Or maybe Cakewalk does not send correct info to this particular interface for some reason?  I am not tech advanced, I do not know what happens on the background of driver and interaction with Cakewalk at time of "stopped engine" and when you resume, by pressing play button.

Two other interfaces from another brands restart normally after overload, but not the Apogee One. (Drivers /firmware updated, latest Cakewalk)


I am not asking for a workaround. A simple workaround would be to freeze / bounce tracks, use fewer vsts etc... That is understandable. What I am trying to figure out is not "healing back" is a bug in Apogee driver or it has to do particularly with Cakewalk given symptoms above.


Thank you for your time. 

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I think you answered you own question when you said  " Two other interfaces from another brands restart normally after overload, but not the Apogee One"

 Your's is not the first post with issues with this brands drivers. Too bad as it was on my list of interfaces to think about when I upgrade. My guess is it works flawlessly on a Mac. Cakewalk seems to be picky about the ASIO driver. it needs to be perfect?? 

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I do not think I did... answered my own question.  I believe Noel once suggested that I try a different machine to replicate the problem. 

The issue with that is I can not transplant whole project because another computer does not have all the licences and it would take a long time to download huge libraries.. But I did try something. I opened a 12 audio track project on another, far less powerful computer. Loaded it with 2 dozen of plugins... mostly with ones that have "look ahead feature" What I got is some random stuttering / clicks and very rare Audio Engine stops, it even pulled everything on 256 buffer, but nothing remotely close what I get on a much newer and faster machine running 1024 or 2048 buffers! There was no distortion of sound on slower computer after "stopped engine", it played as new after I hit that play button. It seems there is most likely nothing wrong with Apogee One.  It is my main computer + Apogee + Cakewalk  equation that does not work right.

I am just trying to narrow things down. This is what I get.
1)There is some piece of audio software code that is interfering with Apogee + Cakewalk on my faster PC
2)Unrelated non-audio hardware / software  that is crippling Apogee

3)USB port or internal hub has issues particularly affecting Apogee  

4)Cockroach died inside machine, bridging some circuits



I cleaned a lot of bloatware from computer, turned off throthling and most of stuff generally recomended for tunning pc for music.  There is one thing that I should probably try. If it is Usb port/ internal hub related, to get a different cable to plug it to thunderbolt port as it  has a different controler to see if it resolves the issue.  But on the other hand, same port does just fine with another interface.  Really like that Apogee, hope to make it work properly somehow.

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