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New Wide Monitor - Many Problems - SOLVED

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On 11/29/2020 at 10:12 AM, Sailor55 said:

I may have a resolution. When I installed my monitor there were already two displayport cables being used for my two Dells.  Rather than unpack the new cable that came with the Asus monitor, I just used one of the ones I already had.  And that almost worked. That is, every application except Cakewalk worked fine (and Cakewalk only had problems intermittently). This morning I replaced the old cable with the new one from the box. Since then, I haven't any issues with Cakewalk or anything else. The old cable was about 8 ft and about 3/8" thick. The new cable is 6 ft and 1/4" thick. Or maybe it was just a slightly flaky connection. I know that doesn't seem likely but..., Or maybe it's all just black magic. Anyway, I'm really hoping this is a fix. Note to self: If you get new cables, then use them.

BTW, I highly recommended the Asus XG43VQ for anyone who prefers a 16x10 over a 16x9 aspect ratio and wants to replace a dual monitor system. It's designed for gamers, but since I'm not a gamer, I just ignore those extra features. It can be had for about $750 AM (or $999 CD, which is what I paid).

Thanks again everyone. I'll bump this post if I have any further problems. - Dan

WOW! That's a lot of money for a monitor!!

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Glenn Stanton had the right idea in the beginning, I think. The monitor is really two monitors in one. (Hence the fat price). Therefore, twice the data must be sent through it in a given time frame. Formerly, that data was shared between two ports and two cables. Now, it all travels through only one port and one cable. If a cable is at all marginal (as my original one probably was)  then it makes sense the throughput just couldn't  quite be maintained. Running Cakewalk in full screen mode on a high resolution monitor with a 32x10 aspect ratio is probably a big ask. One would imagine Asus has tested their cables extensively. Anyway, I can report there have been no problems whatsoever since I started using the cable packed with the monitor. And there's the lesson. Cheers... - Dan


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