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Feature Request - Shortcut to change the Now Time

Todd Groemling

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To me, it's all about getting the now time, the start play time and, start record time where I want it in the quickest way possible. However, we don't always set nor want to set a marker. In fact, we don't always know when we need a marker. So, how about if when a user hovers over a clip, a pop-up appears that lets a user choose to move the start time to that clip's start time? Or let the user right click on a clip and have an option to 'Make this the Now Time'.


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Dang. I think I've not been clear. Let's say a clip where I want the now time to be starts at 3:01:240 , but I don't know the exact start time without clicking on the clip. And the project is stopped at measure 5:03. If I click at approximately 3:02, then the cursor stops there. It doesn't go to 3:01:240.  If I click at 2:04, well, that's where the start time goes.

So, I'd like a setting that allows me to just hover over a clip and have Cakewalk show its start time. That way, if I want, Cakewalk could let me left me left click to have the start time moved to the clip's start time. To me, that's intuitive workflow which I don't see offered yet. 

Meanwhile, keep in mind that there are times when I'm ultra zoomed in or zoomed out,  due to what I'm working in AND not having the best eyesight. Therefore, being able to determine a place to click on that is close enough to the start time of a clip is not always possible. Also, I shouldn't have to be that accurate where I click if what I request is offered. 

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