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So I spent some time recording a few tunes yesterday and this was one of those. I used a low end ribbon mic first into an old ART MPA2  preamp into a Focusrite 18i8

I'm getting this really annoying high pitched resonance in the sound. I know it isn't the mics. I changed to different mics and had the same issue. I tried different inputs on the interface to make sure it wasn't a bad input. I played with the gain staging in the ART and the Focusrite. Problem never went away no matter what I did. I tried repositioning the mics. That made no difference.

I was using the recording program that came with my camera. I'm beginning to think that maybe since it records in mp4 it's adding some bad stuff to my signal? Anyone else have similar experiences? The only modification I did to he audio was I could only track in stereo off of the Focusrite and it's usually best to track violin in mono, so I had to make a stereo track into mono so that both speaker would play the audio. The problem was present before I did this.

Yesterday trying to do this was like chasing monkeys around the room, Bapu no direct references here :) 

-Firstly, Cakewalk would import the video and I could make the track mono but I couldn't get it to export into anything that would play.

-I have Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16. That program would not let me track direct from it, I kept getting exceptions over and over again after I changed everything I could think of with respect to audio resolutions video types etc. Nothing worked. I'm using a pretty common Logitech C920 video camera. I upgraded the program thinking it would help. It didn't.

-I have two or three basic video editors. A few would not import the video. One did import it, but the programs are all too "dumb" in audio editing. Not even enough basic function to make a stereo track into mono. 

You know which program imported the video, allowed me to edit the video AND the audio and export with zero issue? Acoustica Mixcraft pro 8. Vegas crashed and burned on this one. Cakewalk wouldn't export. It's an Mp4......shouldn't have been overly difficult?

Does anyone know how to remove the nasty harmonics/resonance from the Logitech MP4? I think this may be the issue.


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Are you sure the resonance isn't actually in the room somewhere, or even the camera or mic casing? It doesn't sound like an electrical type of distortion/resonance.

It may be you can't hear the resonance whilst you're playing, because your violin is so close to your ears, but the mics can hear it and are picking it up.

If you can, try recording in a different room to see if it goes away.

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